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Unleash your potential with the FLOWIN Sport using the power of friction

A patented gravity-powered training boost.

The FLOWIN Pro Board is a high-intensity, low-impact tool that uses our unique friction surface to enable hundreds of dynamic exercises that make you fitter, stronger and more flexible.

The FLOWIN Pro Board is a stiff, durable board perfect for home or commercial gym use, it is easy to store and offers hundreds of dynamic exercises available when you sign up for my FLOWIN.

FLOWIN® Pro Black

Flowin Pro Black

What is friction training™

FLOWIN® Friction Training™ is a high intensity, low impact training concept which leverages gravity, the user’s own body weight, and the FLOWIN® Board’s patented friction surface to produce an endless range of dynamic exercises.

The FLOWIN® Board is used by professional athletes, personal trainers, and leading physiotherapists around the world.

FLOWIN® Friction Training™ has helped many of the top global sports teams (including football, basketball, and ice hockey teams) achieve substantial results on the field, on the court, and in the rink for years.

Trusted by the best

Flowin Friction training boards are used by the best athletes teams, performers and trainers all over the world with hundreds of low impact, high intensity workout and exercises that deliver results.

The Flowin Friction Training boards are excellent equipment. I use it extensively during my rehab and performance sessions to develop horizontal force production and prehab and activation sessions.

Bram Swinnen
High Performance & Rehab Coach - Founder of Integrated Performance Training - author of Strength Training For Soccer

I use Flowin Friction throughout the whole season. Friction training helps me to improve my strength on the bike. I use it to improve my core and the muscle groups that get "lazy" while riding the bike as keeping those fit helps to improve my overall performance.

Maxim Pirard
Granfondo & Ultra Cyclist

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